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Providing technical and specialized technical services in the field of technical inspection, monitoring status and troubleshooting equipment is one of the main goals of the "Farapayesh Bakhtar" Engineering Company. Depending on the needs of the industries, the company is provided by the company in a variety of engineering services (routine and periodic, case, etc.).

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Integrated Condition Monitoring

Routine Ruine Comprehensive Status Monitoring Program for a variety of equipment and machinery

The establishment of the status monitoring program is generally internalized or outsourced (or compound). Contracting and routine implementation of a comprehensive CM comprehensive program based on vibration, thermographic inspection, electrical effects analysis, etc. are the main axes of the services provided by the Fara payesh Engineering Company.

Technical inspection and troubleshooting equipment and machinery

In addition to routine execution, it is also possible to provide inspection and troubleshooting services. The following is a description of the services available.

The service Farapayesh

Engineering Services Farapayesh

Vibration analysis and troubleshooting of rotary equipment

Vibration is the main technique for troubleshooting rotary machinery.

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Thermographic inspection and thermal analysis (thermocouple - germangari)

The thermographic inspection covers a variety of applications from the monitoring and troubleshooting of a variety of industrial equipment, including electrical, electronic, mechanical and rotating, process, and so on.

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Analysis of electrical effects for monitoring the status and troubleshooting of electrical engines

In addition to analyzing vibrations and thermographic inspections, electrical engine monitoring requires the use of a variety of electrical tests on line and off line.

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Oil analysis and erosion particles

Establishment of CM -based oil and erosive particles requires a lot of attention to the many oil sampling, optimizing oil tests, sampling scheduling and analysis of test results, and so on.

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Corrective repair services

One of the main steps in the status of the status and troubleshooting cycle is the troubleshooting or corrective action. Dynamic balance in place and alignment (Elamont) are two important techniques for reducing rotary machine vibrations.

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