Training Center

We conduct practical and experience-based training courses in the field of condition monitoring and maintenance of industrial equipment as follows:

  • Infrared Thermography Certification Course – Level I
  • Infrared Thermography Certification Course – Level II
  • Thermal Imaging Applications for Electrical Equipment Fault Diagnostic.
  • Thermal Imaging Applications for Mechanical Equipment Fault Diagnostic.
  • Thermal Imaging Applications for Process Equipment Fault Diagnostic.
  • Vibration Analysis Cat. I
  • Vibration Analysis Cat. II
  • Rotary Equipment Dynamic Balancing
  • Shaft and Coupling Alignment

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Executive services

According to a Persian proverb, prevention is better than cure.

We also believe that maintenance precedes repair!

Fara Payesh Bakhtar Engineering Co. is one of the strongest and most famous Iranian companies in the field of CBM which has started its activity since 2008. We only provide executive, consulting and training services and we do not have any activity in the field of buying and selling equipment.

We have valuable experiences in the field of CBM services in Iranian industries. We have provided CBM services for industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, refineries, cement factories, mining industries, food industries, steel and rolling industries, etc.

Our main services are as follows:

  • Vibration analysis of rotating equipment in all small and large industries.
  • Dynamic balance of rotating equipment.
  • Alignment of shafts and couplings.
  • Electrical equipment thermal imaging (High voltage and low voltage)
  • Mechanical equipment thermal imaging
  • Process equipment thermal imaging
  • Building envelope thermal imaging

Consulting Services

We at Fara Payesh Bakhtar help you to improve your CBM programs.

We also provide the following services:

  • Identifying the potentials of implementing CBM programs.
  • Compilation, establishment and implementation of CBM programs.
  • CBM programs audit and optimization.
  • Supervision for the correct implementation of CBM programs.

We provide these services based on the latest world standards. Companies we have consulted with are very satisfied and have grown to high levels of CBM programs. By providing these services to industries, we have helped a lot in reducing repair costs, reducing breakdowns, increasing reliability and increasing productivity.

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About Fara Payesh Bakhtar Engineering Company

Fara Payesh Bakhtar Engineering Company has chosen a knowledge-based and at the same time, experience-oriented approach as its main strategy from the beginning of its work, understanding the importance of the principled and targeted deployment of CM programs and also considering the inherent complexity of the issue. Also, considering that the implementation of the CM program has different dimensions, the company’s services also cover a wide range of fields and topics in the three general axes of “training”, “implementation and deployment” and “consultation”. This company holds a technical engineering license from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade.

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Education services

Condition monitoring and equipment troubleshooting is considered a complex and multi-dimensional issue from a technical and scientific point of view. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to provide specialized and professional training to the technical experts working in this sector Fara Payesh Bakhtar Engineering Company, understanding this issue and taking into account the inherent interest of its managers in the subject of education, has established a specialized training center for condition monitoring and equipment troubleshooting.

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