Level II Thermal Imaging for Condition Monitoring (Practical Course)

Level 2 Certification Overview

This hands-on course will assist you in developing your camera operating skills and highlight new inspection procedures and applications.  The level 2 training will aid in advancing your infrared condition monitoring programmed or consulting services.  This course provides the opportunity to study software programs and examine IR trending.

You will gain the knowledge of the importance of CM applications and attaining superior measurement skills, to improve accuracy and diagnosis. Our trainers will discuss the benefits of infrared thermography and can devise appropriate strategies for individual business requirements.  This can incorporate concepts such as marketing, as well as thermal analysis and inspection techniques.  Specialist one-on-one sessions, in depth post course support and manual upgrades are also included in the level 2 course. Classes begin at 8 am and ends by 4 pm.

To get the content of the course, contact our training department please.