• Thermography Inspection

    Thermography Inspection of Industrial Equipments (Electrical Equipments, Mechanical Equipments & Process Equipments)♦ Thermography Inspection before & After Overhaul ♦ Thermography Inspection of Buildings ♦ Thermography Inspection as Diagnostics & Predictive Maintenance Tool Read More
  • Vibration Analysis & Machinery Diagnostics

    Machinery Vibration Analysis ♦ Machine Diagnostics ♦ In situ Dynamic Balancing ♦ Modal Analysis ♦ ODS Analysis ♦ Bearings & Gears Condition Assessment Read More
  • Consultancy Services

    Integrated Condition Monitoring Program Development ♦ Condition Monitoring Program Audit & Optimization Read More
  • Training Center

    Mobius Institute Authorized Training & Examination Center ♦ Condition Monitoring & CBM Training Courses ♦ Vibration Analysis Training Courses (Category I, II, III) ♦ Thermography Inspection Training Course(Level I & II) ♦ Electrical Signature Analysis Training Course ♦ Dynamic Balancing & Machinery Alignmnet Training Course ♦ Techgnosis Training Partner Read More
  • Reliability Engineering

    Root Cause Analysis ♦ Reliability Engineering Initiatives Read More
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About Training Center

Equipment condition monitoring and diagnostic is a complex and multidimensional issue. For this reason, the professional training for technical people working in this area is absolutely essential. Fara Payesh Bakhtar Eng. Co established a training center about equipment condition monitoring and diagnostic techniques.

This training center aims to do the following actions:

• Developing professional courses in all condition monitoring and diagnostic techniques.
• Providing training documents and training materials for use in courses.
• Organizing the courses in compliance with ISO standards and doing continuous efforts to update the content of the courses.
• Cooperation with international institutions & companies to organize the courses
• Organizing certification exams according to ISO 18436.

This center have organized a lot of training courses in many industries and factories around the country since 2008. Satisfaction level of the participants in these courses is an honor for us.

Fara Payesh training center is also a Mobius Institute Authorized Training Center & organize training courses about vibration analysis (CAT I to CAT III), dynamic balancing of rotating machinery & machinery alignment. For more information, visit the following link:

Mobius Institute Authorized Training Center

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