• Thermography Inspection

    Thermography Inspection of Industrial Equipments (Electrical Equipments, Mechanical Equipments & Process Equipments)♦ Thermography Inspection before & After Overhaul ♦ Thermography Inspection of Buildings ♦ Thermography Inspection as Diagnostics & Predictive Maintenance Tool Read More
  • Vibration Analysis & Machinery Diagnostics

    Machinery Vibration Analysis ♦ Machine Diagnostics ♦ In situ Dynamic Balancing ♦ Modal Analysis ♦ ODS Analysis ♦ Bearings & Gears Condition Assessment Read More
  • Consultancy Services

    Integrated Condition Monitoring Program Development ♦ Condition Monitoring Program Audit & Optimization Read More
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    Mobius Institute Authorized Training & Examination Center ♦ Condition Monitoring & CBM Training Courses ♦ Vibration Analysis Training Courses (Category I, II, III) ♦ Thermography Inspection Training Course(Level I & II) ♦ Electrical Signature Analysis Training Course ♦ Dynamic Balancing & Machinery Alignmnet Training Course ♦ Techgnosis Training Partner Read More
  • Reliability Engineering

    Root Cause Analysis ♦ Reliability Engineering Initiatives Read More
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Consultancy Services

Developing and implementing a comprehensive condition monitoring program (based on different C.M. techniques & for different types of equipment and machinery) has a wide scope in terms of technical, organizational, systems, engineering, economics and so on.

Our services are provided in the following ways:

  • CM Program Development - Develop a comprehensive condition monitoring program (for customers that are just beginning and want to take the first step strong).
  • CM Program Implementation - The establishment & Execution of a comprehensive condition monitoring program (for customers that are deploying CM and want to implement effective programs & our technical advice can help them).
  • CM Program Audit - Audit condition monitoring program (for customers that seek some opportunities to improve the effectiveness of their C. M. programs).
  • Reliability Engineering Services  (a path to world-class maintenance)

For more information, click on the links above. Our technical staff are ready to answer your questions in this field.

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