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    Root Cause Analysis ♦ Reliability Engineering Initiatives Read More
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Reliability Engineering Services

Implementing the effective and successful CM programs, just is one of the main prerequisites for achieving a world class maintenance. The next step in this way is using various Reliability Engineering tools with the approach to industrial applications.

Fara Payesh Bakhtar understands the importance of reliability and necessity of the use of its tools so offers consulting services in this field.

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CM Program Implementation

Whether you are implementing CM programs by using different techniques? Do you think about technical support from trained and certified engineers? In this case, contact us and get benefits from our technical consulting services.

It is worth noting that this part of our services is useful for organizations that running the CM programs but want to get a high quality technical advice & gain new experience in this field.

Providing consulting services and technical support for the establishment of a comprehensive CM program & for adapt working conditions of the customers is available in various forms in our services.

For more information contact us.


CM Program Audit

Do you establish condition monitoring programs in your company? Are you satisfied with the results? Do you know your CM's strengths and opportunities for improvement? Have you ever planned to audit and optimize your CM programs?
The answers to these questions and many other questions is in Fara Payesh Eng. Co. unique services with the general title "comprehensive audit and optimization of condition monitoring (CM)" programs.

Our experts will evaluate your current CM programs (technical issues, organizational issues, system issues, economic issues, etc.) on a regular schedule and pre-determined program from different terms and will offer solutions for improving your programs. In this way, the various methods such as questionnaires, check lists, site visits and technical discussions & ...will be used.

To learn more about this topic, contact us.

CM Program Development

One of the special services unique to our company is developing "a comprehensive and integrated program of equipment condition monitoring". This is based on our CBM Roadmap that is the result of more than 11 years industrial experiences:

The company's technical staff ready to answer your questions in this field.

Consultancy Services

Developing and implementing a comprehensive condition monitoring program (based on different C.M. techniques & for different types of equipment and machinery) has a wide scope in terms of technical, organizational, systems, engineering, economics and so on.

Our services are provided in the following ways:

  • CM Program Development - Develop a comprehensive condition monitoring program (for customers that are just beginning and want to take the first step strong).
  • CM Program Implementation - The establishment & Execution of a comprehensive condition monitoring program (for customers that are deploying CM and want to implement effective programs & our technical advice can help them).
  • CM Program Audit - Audit condition monitoring program (for customers that seek some opportunities to improve the effectiveness of their C. M. programs).
  • Reliability Engineering Services  (a path to world-class maintenance)

For more information, click on the links above. Our technical staff are ready to answer your questions in this field.